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About us

AirMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Services
You want an air conditioning installation contractor Company Licensed Insured Bonded who has years of experience and will ensure that your air conditioner is operating as it should for your home. AirMaster Construction and Service is your certified air conditioning installation & Repair contractor that can provide Good Quality Service .Give us a call today at * 702-964-8587 
Our products 
Air conditioners
Air handlers & coils
Gas furnaces
Heat pumps
Packaged Units
Ductless systems
And more!

Our service
System Diagnostic
Maintenance & More

Why Us?
Affordable Price
Certified Technicians
Same Day Service
7 Days a Week

HVAC Maintenance Plans
We offer Air Conditioning and Heating system maintenance plans that will keep your AC system running at peak efficiency at all times. Benefit is the fact that regular maintenance will help Extend life of your AC system. As we touched upon above, minor issues can be identified and corrected before AC system stop working in the middle summer. Plus, Heater and AC maintenance could be lower your utility bills. Call us for more details *702-964-8587 

Indoor Air Quality Services
This is only part of the problem. Your air ducts are completely out of your sight, and they are not accessible to you. There will invariably be accumulations of particulates in the ducts, and they will be pushed out into the air that you are breathing. Plus, there can be moisture in the air ducts, and mold growth is not uncommon, so mold spores can also be floating around your indoor environment. This is rather unsavory in a general sense, but the ingestion of particulate matter can cause a host of health problems. Allergic reactions can be triggered, and ingestion of airborne pollutants can cause respiratory distress in some people.
Fortunately, we offer UV lights Installation 
UV light can improve air quality in your home and reduce allergens significantly, leading to improved health and wellness of family members. The UV light used in HVAC purification systems can kill: Viruses, Mold, Bacteria. *702-964-8587 




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